The Nicky Blaine's Cocktail Lounge Menu

Nicky Blaine’s Cocktail Lounge offers menus featuring a wide variety of delicious cocktails, fine wines, craft beers, delectable food and exquisite cigars for every taste. Explore our offerings and find your flavor.

  • “ ... loved it so much I came back ... ”

    This place is pretty cool, I popped in here for a little bit before my dinner reservation and loved it so much I came back after dinner. I had a few Hypnotinis, which were delicious. I loved the atmosphere, very relaxed and easy going. I don’t smoke, but it is a cigar bar too. It […]

    Brittany Manion
    5-Star Google Review from February 2019
  • “ This place was fantastic. ”

    This place was fantastic. The couches were very comfortable. The service was great. They were very attentive to refilling drinks. Their prices on Davidoff are fantastic given how much they actually cost ….. The air purification system works great. I didn’t feel like I smelled like old cigars after leaving. Give this place a try.

    Brad Breitenstein
    5-Star Google Review from April 2019
  • “ ... one of the best atmospheres in the city. ”

    Something about being below street level gives this bar one of the best atmospheres in the city.

    Paul Jackson
    5-Star Google Review from March 2019
  • “ This is why we keep coming back. ”

    Amazing service. Staff very friendly, tenative and kind. All the staff remember our names, stories of our travels and experiences in Indianapolis. We now treat all the staff as extended family. They truly do understand customer first strategy. This is why we keep coming back. Keep up the good work.

    Inez LeSueur
    5-Star Google Review from March 2019
  • “ A real gem! ”

    This place has a good assortment of cigars and a great cocktail menu. Very relaxed atmosphere with a pleasant staff and good clientele. It’s very large and honestly one of the better lounges in the country…a real gem!

    Dave Jenkins
    5-Star Google Review from April 2019
  • “ Very cool vibe ... ”

    Very cool vibe … reminiscent of the 1960’s rat pack type lounge. Will totally go back and enjoy the beer, cigars and environment!

    Rob Benedum
    Facebook Recommendation from March 2019
  • “ Totally relaxed ... classy place ... ”

    Totally relaxed, but classy place to eat as well as enjoy and top notch cocktail and a perfectly matched cigar! Chic décor · Friendly bartenders · Fun atmosphere · Stylish interior · Great food · Romantic atmosphere · Hip atmosphere · Creative cocktails · Great value

    Brian Robinson
    Facebook Recommendation from April 2019
  • “ Wonderful place. ”

    Wonderful place. Comfy with good service. Brook was excellent with service. A great place to unwind after a long day with an adult beverage and a cigar!

    Ed Satori
    Facebook Recommendation from January 2019
  • “ 10/10 ”

    Absolutely an amazing establishment amazing staff and an amazing cigar selection 10/10

    Leon Davis
    Facebook Recommendation from December 2018
  • “ ... a cozy, quiet, and comfortable corner to relax ... ”

    Looking for a cozy, quiet, and comfortable corner to relax, refresh, and indulge without the chatter and background noise from those not interested in the same…this is the place! Great martinis, wide variety of premium cigars, and balanced service. We’ll be back…

    Veronda Mischeaux
    5-Star Facebook Review from October 2017
  • “ I LOVE this place. ”

    I LOVE this place. It is downstairs, and while a bit pricey, the vibe is incredible. They have a good list of whiskey and the bartenders are dialed in. Have been here several times and any time someone is in Indy, would highly recommend this place. Cheers!

    Ricky Potts
    5-Star Google Review from May 2017
  • “ This is my bar of record … ”

    This is my bar of record … great bar, great service, great selection!

    Matthew Kennedy
    5-Star Facebook Review from May 2013