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Nicky Blaine's Infused Cigar Collection

CAO Eileen's Dream Corona - 5.25x42

Bailey’s Irish Cream & Chocolate Truffle-Infused

CAO Bella Vanilla Corona - 5.25x42


CAO Moontrance Corona - 5.25x42

Tropical Fruit-Infused

CAO CherryBomb Corona - 5.25x42


CAO Honey Gold Corona - 5.25x42


Tabak Robusto Dulce - 4x38

Coffee Liqueur-Infused

Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill - 7.25x52

King Louis XIII Congac-Infused

Gurkha Private Select Toro - 6x50NEW

Spiced Rum-Infused

Maker's Mark Infused Cigar - 6x52


Gran Marnier Infused Cigar - 6x52

Orange Liqueur-Infused

Java Mint Corona - 5.25x42NEW

Chocolate-Mocha and Mint-Infused

ACID Cigars, Nicaragua

Blondie Blue • 4x38

A Connecticut wrapper with a sweet Madagascar vanilla start and a knock out finish.

Blondie Red • 4x38

Showcasing a creamy Cameroon wrapper leaf over the brand’s signature infused blend of long-leaf tobaccos, the Acid Blondie Red just may be the smoothest Acid experience yet.

Kuba Kuba • 5x54

A trademarked infusion process by Drew Estates lends this large gauged robusto a silken, creamy taste with an aroma of incense and spice.

Kuba Kuba Maduro • 5x54

A flavor powerhouse featuring the same aromatic infusion as the original Kuba Kuba, but with a chocolatey Maduro wrapper that adds some rich sweetness to the mix.

Cold Infusion • 6.75x44

Acid Cold Infusion natural tea cigars are a mild, aromatic Connecticut shade wrapper. Rich notes of peach cobbler, and the aroma of fresh cut pine.

C-Note Cigarillo (Five Pack)

A perfect quick smoke. The C-Note is a mild smoke, packed in bunches of five. These cigarillos are a great choice if you’re pressed for time, yet insist on a great flavored cigar.

AGING ROOM CIGARS, Dominican Republic

Bin #1 D Major • 6x54

This box pressed Aging Room limited edition cigar is full bodied with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Dominican Habano filler and binder. Complexity and flavor distinguish this rare stick.

La Boheme Encantador Toro • 6x52

Featured on Encantador’s face is a high-priming Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf, dark and chock-full of oily goodness. Lying just beneath, Dominican binder and long-filler leaves intertwine in sturdy, box-pressed fashion. Bold, rich notes of white pepper, honey, oak, and spice excite the palate from first light.

La Boheme Pittore Robusto • 5.25x52

The combination of Ecuadoran Habano wrapper and Cuban-seed tobaccos has all the dynamic range of an operatic performance, hitting baritone notes like earth and ripe fruit, all the way to bright soprano tones of spice, ending with a midrange nutty finish.

ARTURO FUENTE CIGARS, Dominican Republic

Flora Fina 858 Natural • 6.25x47

This classic is a favorite among Fuente fans, due to the easy draw, fine flavors, well proportioned construction and Connecticut broad leaf wrapper that is naturally sweet.

Don Carlos Double Robusto

A gorgeous, elegant smoke. Nice oils, creamy and toasty hints of nougat, wood and cocoa.

Hemingway Signature Series • 6x47

The oily, dark, toothy wrapper is a testament to how much a wrapper can affect the flavor. It is a favorite among smokers, with a sweet spice and intense leather notes.

Hemingway Short Story • 4x42/49

Strong leather and cinnamon notes are accompanied by hints of pepper and a pine nut finish. Bold, complex and satisfying. A long time Nicky’s favorite.

King B • 6x55

This cigar is perfectly aged; the oils simply drip out of the stick. Strong, complex and amazing.

Rosada Fifty Four • 6.5x54

These cigars are wrapped in a gorgeous Rosado Sun Grown wrapper that has been aged 8-10 years. Complex flavors that go from nuts to cedar to leather, with some sweetness to balance the smoke.

Casa Cubana, Doble Seis

Casa Cuba blends a golden-hued brown Ecuadorian wrapper with the delicious Dominican binder and filler. This unique blend provides flavors similar to the Opus X line in a medium bodied format.

Opus X Lost City

This series of cigars are a special summer crop of tobacco grown by Carlito Fuente in 2004 specifically for use in the filming of the movie “The Lost City”, directed by Andy Garcia. A unique blend of Fuente tobacco produce flavors of both smooth and bold, in harmony with a flawless Opus X wrapper. Available in the following sizes:

  • Pyramide • 6×52
  • Robusto • 5.2×50
  • Toro • 6.75×48

ASHTON CIGARS, Dominican Republic

Cabinet Selection Pyramid • 6x52

Dominican tobacco aged 4-5 years and wrapped with a Connecticut broadleaf, then again aged for one extra year. An amazingly smooth, medium-bodied delight.

Classic Imperial Tube • 5.5x44

The Ashton Classic is an all around great cigar that has a great appearance, produces an excellent burn, flavor, and draw. A mild cigar with pleasing flavors of nuts and sweet wood. Take this opportunity to try this premium cigar.

VSG Illusion • 6.5x44

Ashton VSG Illusion cigars present all of the powerful, intoxicating flavor and aroma of the VSG line in a Lonsdale size. What makes these cigars so special is the wrapper leaf grown exclusively for this line on the Oliva family’s private estate in Ecuador. A hard-to-find cigar that’s a rare treat.

AVO CIGARS, Dominican Republic

No. 9 • 4.8x48

This robusto is soft and oily with hints of alfalfa and orange peel, rounding off to light brown sugar finish.

Domaine 20 Perfecto • 4.6x54

A mature, medium-full bodied smoke with lots of peppery spice. Aged with a resting period that ensures a mature, satisfying cigar.

Syncro Nicaragua Toro • 6x54

This new release features a dark and oily, Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a Dominican binder, and aged filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Peru. Medium to full bodied in flavor, this complex cigar offers notes of sweet cream, cedar, roasted nuts, and leather.

Syncro Ritmo Box Press • 6x60

This cigar captures the sweet and spicy flavors from the rich, volcanic soil of Nicaragua and blends them with the soft, creamy notes of the finest Dominican leaves, resulting in a smooth and balanced box-pressed cigar with unexpected depth and complexity.

XO Intermezzo • 5.5x50

Sweet vanilla and cedar dominate a complex floral essence. A masterpiece from Avo.


Criollo Robusto • 5x50

A medium-bodied Camacho cigar, as opposed to their fuller-bodied offerings but certainly does not skip out on the flavor. The Cubano filler is perfectly encased in a special 1998 Criollo wrapper, which means it’s already aged to perfection.

Connecticut Box Press Toro • 6x50

A mild-to-medium bodied blend that combines their prime Honduran long fillers with additional filler grown in the Dominican Republic. Camacho Connecticut is a spicy, yet not overpowering, smoking experience.

American Barrel Aged Gordo • 6x60

Barrel Aged secret ingredient is Camacho’s legendary Corojo leaf aged 6 years and then skillfully fermented in charred Kentucky bourbon barrels. This is a bold, delightfully aromatic smoke, oozing with warm lingering tobacco flavors, with subtle hints of bourbon imparted by this special fermentation process.

Nicaraguan Barrel Aged Robusto • 5x50

This full-bodied cigar features a blend a complex mix of Dominican Piloto Cubano, Honduran Corojo, and Nicaraguan Corojo leaves that have been aged in Flor de Cana rum barrels for 5 months.

Triple Maduro • 6x48/54/48

Never bitter or overpowering. Expect clouds of white smoke full of earthy flavors, producing a remarkable aroma laced with unsweetened cocoa and coffee on a long finish. Only 300,000 were produced.

CAO CIGARS, Honduras

Flathead V770 Big Block • 7x70

Each Flathead cigar contains a flavorful Nicaraguan filler. A smooth, yet spicy Ecuadorian Habano CT binder, and a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper to add sweetness and balance out the spicier Habano binder.

Brazilia Box Press • 5.5x55

This cigar features a beautifully handmade medium to full-bodied blend, filled with rich, smooth Nicaraguan tobacco and wrapped in divine brown Brazilian leaves.

Cameroon Robusto • 5x50

Rated 92 by Cigar Aficionado, this medium-bodied cigar is wrapped in a fine Cameroon leaf. A rich, spicy-sweet, remarkably constructed box-pressed cigar.

Gold Robusto • 5x50

This creamy robusto is loaded with flavors of vanilla and nutmeg. Highly regarded for its flawless construction, it captured a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado magazine.

MX2 Box Press • 5.5x55

Designed for the ‘seasoned’ cigar smoker, CAO uses two aged Maduro wrappers with a rich, complex blend that combines the best tobaccos from six different countries. The outer wrapper is a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, while the inner wrapper is a  Brazilian Maduro leaf. They surround a sweet and spicy mix of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Pilon Robusto • 5x52

Turning back the clock, the company is employing an old 19th century Cuban method of tobacco fermentation, called the circular pilon. In a circular pilon, the tobaccos are meticulously placed in a circular pattern that ferments the tobacco at a slower rate of speed, thus enhancing its maturation and flavor. An amazing full bodied cigar.

COHIBA CIGARS, Dominican Republic

Corona • 5.2x42

A deeply satisfying cigar, rich in flavor that does not overpower the smoker. Great construction and medium-bodied flavor from the outstanding name of Cohiba.

Blue Robusto • 5.5x50

Featuring a gorgeously smooth Honduran wrapper which will wake the palate up right off the bat, the Cohiba Blue is filled with a three-country blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran tobaccos that are all held together by a Honduran habano binder. This new gem is an inviting medium-bodied blend that is rife with rich hints of sweet leather, earth, cream, and cinnamon.

Gigante • 6x54

This is high quality full-bodied cigar for the experienced smoker. Burns great with a lovely layered ash and is perfect after dinner cigar.

Macassar Toro Grande • 6x52

This cigar features a Connecticut Havano wrapper, a Connecticut broadleaf binder, and a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers that have been aged four years. In the final year, the tobacco is fermented in rum barrels to add an extra dose of flavor to the notes of wood, white pepper, cedar, and coffee that this fragrant cigar produces.

Nicaragua Toro • 5.5x56

Honduran sun grown Oscuro, this proprietary Cohiba blend is lush to the core making for a spicy, feisty boldness, but still surprises with a touch of sweet. And in classic Cohiba style, the Nicaragua smokes cool and creamy to the finish. Medium to full bodied.

DAVIDOFF CIGARS, Dominican Republic

2000 Tubo • 5x43

This cigar is milder in flavor than the full-bodied Davidoff Grand Cru series, yet more pronounced than the subtle Davidoff Classic Series. Every cigar contains the same perfectly balanced blend of Dominican tobaccos and flawless, even-toned Connecticut wrappers.

Special R Robusto • 4.75x50

A medium bodied, creamy smoking cigar, beautifully crafted. A flagship cigar by all standards.

Anniversario No. 3 • 6x50

Made in honor of Zino Davidoff’s 80th birthday, the No. 1 and the No. 2 are characterized by surprising lightness dominated by a rich, intense aroma. The Aniversario No. 3 has an even more distinctive aroma, is fuller in body.

Millenium Robusto • 4.75x50

Creamy wood flavors settle nicely on top of a complex cinnamon mocha core. This 91 rated cigar is tremendously rich with a warm nice finish.

Nicaragua Box Press Toro • 6x54

This full bodied cigar starts with a 10-year-aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Rosado wrapper. This vintage leaf is spun lovingly around a blend of long-filler tobaccos hailing from Nicaragua’s premier growing regions of Esteli, Condega, and Ometepe. This complex core is then concealed by a rich Jalapa binder, kicking the level of complexity up another notch.

Double R • 7.5x50

Davidoff Double R cigars are creamy, full-bodied, handcrafted smokes with the finest Dominican tobaccos patiently harvested over the course of four years. Each is encased in a luxurious Connecticut wrapper for a captivating aroma and silky finish.

Winston Churchill Toro • 6x54

Winston Churchill cigars are created by Davidoff of Geneva to honor of the legendary British politician who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This line has a full-flavored luxurious smoke with lavish notes of almonds, wood, sweet cream, and caramel.

Winston Churchill Late Hour Toro • 6x54

The cask aged Nicaraguan Condega Visus tobacco, together with the two different Dominican Visus filler tobaccos and the dark Mexican binder, unravels the complexity of this full-bodied blend. Beautiful, robust flavours of black pepper, dark coffee, sweetness, old leather, wood and spiciness tantalize the palate.

Yamasá Piramides • 6.12x52

This amazing cigar presents the aficionado with an appetizing appearance, in colour, shine and oiliness. Davidoff Yamasá begins with an immediately noticeable, spicy Nicaraguan taste. Beautiful flavours of nut, melted with spice, coffee, cedar wood, earth and black pepper notes further delight the aficionados palate. The cigar has a deep and complex body that slowly reveals itself.

Rotating Limited Edition Davidoff CigarsLIMITED

Ask your server for the special Limited Edition cigars we currently have available in our humidor.

DIAMOND CROWN CIGARS, Dominican Republic

Diamond Crown Robusto #4 • 5.5x54

Toasty and creamy, with a fine burn and notes of vanilla and anise. A medium-bodied, well crafted cigar.

Diamond Crown Maximus Toro #4 • 6x50

A mild cigar with complex flavors. The Maximus holds smooth flavors of moist earth and coffee beans. A top five ranking in Cigar Aficionado for multiple years.

Julius Caesar Toro • 6x52

This smoke’s wrapper, grown in the rich volcanic soils of Ecuador, features an Ecuador Havana seed filled with a blend of 100% Dominican tobaccos. Carefully aged for five years, these have a bold, rich distinctive flavor.


Undercrown Robusto • 5x54

The expertly rolled, medium-bodied Drew Estate Undercrown Robusto is a combination of truly unique and extraordinarily delicious, rich, and spicy flavors.

Undercrown Shade Belicoso • 6x52

A top quality medium-bodied cigar. The Shade is lighter bodied than the original and features an Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper. Below deck sits a Sumatran binder and Dominican Criollo, Nicaragua Criollo and Corojo fillers. This recipe offers superb flavor that flourishes with lavish notes of nuts, sweet cream, and toast, with subtle hints of warm spice and honey.

Undercrown Sun Grown Belicoso • 6x52

Enrobed in an Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper grown in open sunlight, this cigar contains a stalk-cut binder from the Connecticut River Valley and filler from Nicaragua. The cigar contains one leaf of aged ligero from the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua, which was added to the blend for strength.

Herrera Esteli Tubo • 6x50

Herrera Esteli has, after lots of trials, tweaks, and trips to the tobacco stash, earned all sorts of accolades from cigar publications and fans of sweet-and-savory smokes. Lots of zesty flavor is both contrasted and complemented by a super-smooth body, making it a great selection for all kinds of smokers. 94 rating – Cigar Aficianado 2014.

GOD OF FIRE CIGARS, Dominican Republic

For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

God Of Fire by Don CarlosLIMITED

For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

God Of Fire by CarlitoLIMITED

For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

God Of Fire Serie BLIMITED

For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

God Of Fire Serie AnniversarioLIMITED

For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

GURKHA CIGARS, Dominican Republic

Cellar Reserve 21-Year Kraken • 6x60

The Gurkha Cellar Reserve 21-Year is the fifth installment in the limited edition Cellar Reserve line, with exclusive 21-year-old aged Dominican filler tobacco and a Connecticut shade wrapper.

Ghost Exorcist • 6x60

Full-bodied cigar with a very complex taste, combining hints of barley and caramel. A Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, a Dominican Criollo 98’ binder and a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper.

Master Select OVB Toro • 6x50

This new iteration of premium handmade cigars feature an Ecuador Habano wrapper, a Honduran binder, and aged long fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, with a medium-bodied profile and engaging flavors of roasted nuts, caramel, leather and hints of spice.

Royal Challenge Torpedo • 6.5x53

The Gurkha Royal Challenge is a smooth- to medium- bodied cigar that is smooth and complex. The blend is highlighted by an aged, silky Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper, a Honduran Habano binder, and is perfectly complimented by Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers.

Rotating Limited Edition Gurkha CigarsLIMITED

Ask your server for the special Limited Edition cigars we currently have available in our humidor.


Dark Knight II • 6.5x52

This addition to the Excaliber line is creamy and reminiscent of a mocha. The coffee, cream, cocoa, and earth flavors are accented by hints of black pepper.

Excaliber Cameroon Merlin • 5.25x50

The Excalibur line, the cream of the Hoyo de Monterrey crop, is wrapped in a beautiful Connecticut shade wrapper giving them a robust but exquisitely smooth taste. A Full-bodied cigar with outstanding flavors.

Excaliber No. IV • 5.6x46

A cigar with a rich and full flavored aroma. Made with Honduran, Nicaraguan & Dominican long filler as well as Honduran binder and Ecuadorian wrapper which produces a bold, full flavor.

Hoyo La Amistad Silver Pancho • 5.5x52

These cigars use a premium blend of 100% Habano seed tobaccos from Nicaragua and a Cuban-seed Ecuador wrapper, for flavors that rival those great pre-embargo Cuban cigars of years gone by. The smoke is full flavored, bold, highly aromatic, and loaded with dark spicy tobacco, earth, mocha, caramel, creamy leather, and toasted almonds.

KRISTOFF CIGARS, Dominican Republic

Sumatra Robusto • 5.5x54

A medium-bodied, smooth cigar. Offers notes of almond and a small sweet finish. With a pigtail and a shaggy foot.

Connecticut Matador • 6.5x56

The Kristoff Connecticut redefines the meaning of a full flavored, mild cigar.  Made with a pristine Ecuadorian shade grown wrapper, this cigar delivers notes of vanilla, delicate notes of spice, cream and a sweet nutty finish.

Corojo Limitada • 6.5x40

This triple dose of Habano dishes out medium-to-full-bodied smoke exuding hints of leather, spice, roasted nuts, and a spicy-sweet finish.

Pistoff Kristoff Robusto • 5.5x54

The Pistoff Kristoff is a deceivingly strong, full flavored cigar with a notable nutty character, spice, toffee, toast and a long sweet finish.  Do not let the smoothness of the cigar fool you; this one packs a punch.


Due to popular demand and limited availability, specific cigar selections for La Flor Dominica may vary.

Double Ligero Chisel Maduro • 6x54

This oily cigar smacks of creamy, full-bodied flavors including notes of chocolate. The finish is long and loaded with spice. Great smoke, wear a seatbelt …

Double Ligero 700 Maduro • 6.5x60

A powerful blend of Dominican longfiller and binder leaves finished in silky Ecuadorian wrappers. A host of full-bodied flavors, with a spicy and strong finish.

La Nox • 6.5x50

With a dark and oily Brazilian Maduro wrapper, a Mexican San Andres binder, and the classic LFD Dominican ligero long-fillers, La Nox is certainly potent.

Litto Gomez Diez Cubano • 5x50

These full-bodied beauties are spicy, robust, and bold, yet smooth, sweet, and complex with notes of cedar, caramel, roasted nuts, and coffee.


Series R Maduro No. 5 • 5.5x54

A well balanced yet full-bodied maduro cigar. Surprisingly, rich flavor without being harsh. A consistently wonderful smoke.

Corona Gorda • 6x52

This natural Ecuadorian wrapper provides an enjoyable medium-bodied experience that gave it a 98 rating in Cigar Aficionado.

Artesanos de Obelisco • 5x44/57

This very limited edition cigar is made in Miami’s Little Havana by only 10 rollers. A medium to full body with a unique shape that smokes like a chimney.

Serie R Esteli • 6x60

The newest addition to the Serie R line, this cigar is a lighter version of its predecessor. A medium-bodied, dark natural cigar that smells of leather and spice. Overall an excellent cigar.

MACANUDO CIGARS, Dominican Republic

Hyde Park Claro Café • 5.5x49

A mellow smoke with black cherry and espresso finish. An easy, light smoke.

Portofino Café • 7x34

This panatela is smooth and mild with notes of burnt honey and cinnamon.

Inspirado Orange Robusto • 5x50

The wrapper and binder are both Honduran which help to give the cigar a more “down to earth” taste. With Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos as the filler, expect to get some spice to go along with the earthy tones.

Inspirado Black Toro • 5.5x54

Bringing a fresh dark look to the roster, this gem showcases a full-bodied blend from Nicaragua, covered with a rich and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The richness and complexity of this top-notch smoke is beyond compare, emitting a tapestry of dense flavors that include spice, dark chocolate, coffee, nuts, and cocoa.

Inspirado White Toro • 6.5x54

Mellow to medium body in strength and creamy smooth like its famous original cousin, Inspirado rewards the palate with a uniquely modern flavor profile of dry wood, sweet cream, some earthiness, cocoa, and just the perfect hint of spice.

Vintage 1997 Maduro • 6x49

This limited collection uses a rare 1997 Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Tapered at both ends with a metal ring lends to the elite status of this cigar. By far the best Macanudo we have ever encountered. Rich and full.

MONTECRISTO CIGARS, Dominican Republic

No. 2 Box Press • 6.5x52

A box pressed version of the Classic No. 2 cigar. A staple amongst cigar smokers, this elite cigar needs no introduction. A medium to full-bodied experience.

Epic Robusto • 5x52

A new edition to Montecristo, the Epic series boasts the highest standards of quality control and inspection by the “Master Group.” A light wrapper with a little spice.

Grupo de Maestros Private Batch #3 • 6x54LIMITED

These rare gems from the Dominican Republic feature aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, a binder from the Dominican Republic, and a velvety smooth Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, with rich flavors of dark tobacco spice, earth, cocoa, cashews and leather.

Monte by AJ Fernandez Belicoso • 6.12x54

Medium to full bodied in strength, these flawlessly rolled cigars deliver a stout, chocolatey flavor and aroma, accented with notes of coffee, roasted nuts, and a heavenly caramel sweetness.

Platinum Rothchilde • 5x56

The Platinum La Habana Series cigar provides Montecristo lovers with a bolder, richer smoke. Wrapped in a dark, Mexican Cubano leaf, the well balanced blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian long-leaf fillers.

White Court Tubos • 5.5x54

A rich and well rounded smoke, this mild cigar has hints of cedar and lots of smoke.


My Father Bijou 1922 • 5x55

Handmade in Nicaragua, these deep, dark beauties contain aged long fillers jam-packed with intense flavors. With a spicy binder and a Habano Oscuro wrapper, the combination provides a full-bodied and unique Cuban-style smoke.

My Father Connecticut Toro • 6.5x54

A tasty Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper along with meticulously aged Nicaraguan Corojo 99’ binder, and Nicaraguan Habano and Criollo long-fillers, deliver a splendid sweet and velvety flavor with earthy nuances.

Don Pepin Garcia Original Imperiales • 6.125x52

An amazing smoke with a full-tilt array of flavor swirling throughout your palate with undeniable hints of earth, toasted cedar and black pepper. The aftertaste and aroma are sweet, pleasant, and completing.

Flor de Antillas Toro Grande • 6.5x56

This Nostalgic cigar is comprised of a variety of exceptional, Cuban-seed tobaccos lovingly tucked inside a flawless, oily, dark brown Sun Grown wrapper leaf of the highest quality. A medium bodied box press beauty.

The Judge Grand Robusto • 5x60

It’s big. It’s bold. And it’s box-pressed. With an Ecuadoran Sumatra-seed wrapper, two Nicaraguan binders (Corojo and Criollo) and filler from three of the Garcia family farms, this cigar is deserving of its #7 spot in the Cigar Afficionado Top 25 List for 2017.


Nub Habano 460 Tubos • 4x60

Habano wrapper, robust full-bodied and complex.

Nub Cameroon 460 Tubos • 4x60

Cameroon wrapper, medium-bodied with an oily cedar flavor.

Nub Connecticut 460 Tubos • 4x60

Connecticut wrapper, light and creamy, with a kick in the background.

Nub Maduro 460 Tubos • 4x60

Maduro Connecticut wrapper, fullest body in the nub line. Strong and dark.

Oliva Master Blends III Torpedo • 6x52

Thought by many to be the finest cigar made by Oliva, this cigar is constructed with a luscious sungrown broadleaf wrapper leaf and a Nicaraguan blend of Habano-seed, ligero tobaccos. The result is a beautiful, dark brown cigar that’s bursting with complex, balanced flavor that satisfies the palate with a rich, full-bodied finish.

Oliva Serie V Torpedo • 6x56

A Top-5 cigar on the Cigar Afficionado Top 25 List for 2017, the Oliva Serie V Torpedo is a superb Nicaraguan cigar masterfully rolled and blended to deliver a full-bodied taste. Complex and well-aged tobaccos from Nicaragua, and a stunning and savory Habano Sun Grown wrapper delivers creamy coffee and dark chocolate flavors, further enhanced with a fragrant, smoky bouquet.

Oliva V Melanio RobustoLIMITED

Beneath this leaf, a flavorful blend of long-leaf ligeros from Nicaragua unites, including the Oliva’s oldest, most prized leaves from Condega and Esteli, along with some extra tobaccos from Jalapa for more flavor and aroma. Each Melanio is full-bodied and full-flavored, with unique nuances such as black pepper, freshly-baked bread, and unsweetened cocoa.


For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

Series 1926LIMITED

For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

Series 1964LIMITED

For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

Anniversary SeriesLIMITED

For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

Family ReserveLIMITED

For available sizes and prices, please ask your server.

Padron 6000 • 5.5x52

A legendary name made entirely of Nicaraguan tobacco and box pressed.

Padron 2000 • 5x50

A legendary name made entirely of Nicaraguan tobacco and box pressed.

ROCKY PATEL CIGARS, Honduras / Nicaragua

Vintage 1992 Toro • 6.5x52

This stick is sweet and leathery, with hints of cocoa and traces of pecan. A classic taste of Rocky Patel.

Vintage 2006 San Andreas Robusto • 5.5x50

The blend comprises an 11-year-old Mexican wrapper from the prominent San Andrés region, along with Nicaraguan fillers and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. The result is a spicy, medium to full bodied smoke with a rich, leathery finish.

Edge A-10 Toro • 6x52

The Edge A-10 celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the original Edge brands by combining the Corojo and Maduro wrappers in a unique barber pole-style combination. The result is an exceptional flavor combination that pairs the sweetness of the Costa Rico Maduro with the earthiness of the Honduran Corojo.

Edge Lite Double Corona • 7.5x52

The light version of its sister maduro. This exquisite cigar is as mild as can be. A great addition to The Edge series.

20th Anniversary Robusto Grande • 6x60

With premium, flavorful tobaccos and sporting expert construction, the 20th Anniversary has the makings of a legendary cigar. Your palate will be dancing with flavors of leather, espresso, cinnamon, mocha, earth, wood, pepper, and light spice.

Sun Grown Maduro Sixty • 6x60

Sun Grown Maduro features a sun ripened USA Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and an aged all Nicaraguan blend of binder and filler tobaccos. This triple capped beauty offers complex and well balanced notes of coffee, dark chocolate, sweet spice and caramel. Its fragrant bouquet and lush medium to full-bodied taste will have Maduro lovers stand up and take notice.

1999 Toro Tube • 6x50

The 1999 is a tasty combination of vintage 7 year aged Nicaraguan and Dominican Ligero long filler sheathed in a silky, mild Connecticut wrapper. The Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 blend is a smooth and flavorful medium-bodied smoke.

Decade Torpedo • 6.5x52

Using a similar blend as the 15th Anniversary, this Nicaraguan blend is smooth and earthy-sweet where the 15th is strong. A mellow take on Rocky Patel cigars.

ROMEO Y JULIETA CIGARS, Dominican Republic

Reserva Real Verona’s Court Tubos • 5.5x44

Rated 91 in Cigar Aficionado. An oily, chewy robusto with nuances of cinnamon and dark earth.

Romeo Robusto • 5x54

A relatively new edition to Romeo y Julieta, the Romeo series with its dark natural wrapper is bold and hosts multiple layers of flavors. Its complexity is an experience like few others.

Romeo 505 Nicaragua Torpedo • 6.5x54

The first-ever Romeo y Julieta cigar made in Nicaragua, these deep, dark, and delicious puros are expertly crafted with wrapper, binder, and filler tobaccos from Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa— the country’s three top growing regions. This richer, fuller bodied Romeo is a splendid full body smoke brimming with the rich, sweet, nutty, and spicy flavors that represent the finest characteristics that Nicaraguan tobaccos have to offer.

Vintage VI • 6.5x60

A soft, musky smoke with a mild, floral sweetness and honeyed finish.


Zino Platinum Scepter Series: Grand Master • 5.5x52

Unique, rich profile of sweet wood, brown sugar and leather. A favorite in this series.

Zino Platinum Scepter Series: Pudge • 4x50

Short and sweet, with flavors of creamy butter and sweet hay. A well layered and constructed smoke.

Zino Platinum Z-Crown Series: Z-Crown Chubby • 5x54

The Chubby, or Perfecto, Z-Crown features a Semilla 253 Yamasá wrapper, a Dark Ecuadorian Connecticut binder and a filler blend that includes San Vicente Seco Damajagua, San Vicente Mejorado Visus Mao, Piloto Mejorado Seco Martím Garcia & San Vicente Visus Navarrete filler.

Zino Platinum Z-Crown Series: Z-Crown Stout • 7x52

The Z-Crown Stout, or Torpedo, features a Semilla 702 wrapper, a Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and a filler blend that includes Semilla 192 Seco Yamasá, Piloto Seco Santiago Rodríguez, Piloto Visus Piloto, San Vicente Ligero Jicomé & Ometepe Visus filler.